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Directory Monitor Pro Crack is an easy-to-use envelope monitoring application, and the product is fantastic. The product is used to track specific indexes as well as company shares. Friends in need are welcome to use this site to download for free! Simultaneously, the product provides programmed capacities such as text logs, execution through contents/applications, message sending, keeping in touch with data sets, sound notices, printing, and so on.

Directory Monitor Pro Crack

Directory Monitor Pro Crack + Activation Key Full Version

Directory Monitor Crack Key is an organizer monitoring device that runs in the background. When the documents in the envelope are changed, a notice message or spring-up appears in the lower right corner of the work area. Make a sound to tell us. Visit ProDAD Mercalli V6 SAL Crack Free Download for more information. Furthermore, you can decide to execute specified applications or independent devices and clump documents when certain events occur. After decompressing the compressed package, double-click to launch the “Start DM.bat” batch file. Please download us if you are a user in need!

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When we have the time, we can re-evaluate Directory Monitor Full Version. Furthermore, record check recurrence can be set without the assistance of anyone else. Other Search Terms LibreOffice 2022 Crack Furthermore, the organizer and trump card characters allow you to channel important and undesirable documents. It can provide clients with the capability of organization monitoring, continuous monitoring, and discovery of record changes, access, erasure, alteration, new documents, and inertia in catalogs and organizational shares, as well as inform you.

This program enables you to effectively manage your own envelopes! Directory Monitor, a very safe and real-time monitoring folder security tool, was created by the editor today. Users and cycles that can be changed can also be identified with the help of modules. It is possible to monitor envelopes with a single organizer and contained subfolders using Directory Monitor.

Directory Monitor Pro Crack + Serial Key {Updated}

Directory Monitor Pro Free Download primarily assists users in safeguarding the security of computer files. Its primary purpose is to assist us in tracking the addition, modification, or deletion of files in the specified folder. A notification message or a sound is played when the files in the folder are changed. JixiPix Pastello Crack Full Version is related. It will automatically appear in the lower right corner of the desktop to inform us that users can learn about computer file information in real time.

It is an excellent application for file monitoring. This software allows you to locate, modify, and delete files on your computer. Your files can also be tracked to see who has accessed them. If you require them, you can download them. Similarly, the log document can be used to track document changes. A similar document can be signed by all monitored designs. It is a professional version that does not require registration.

Directory Monitor is a useful, straightforward, and fantastic organizer monitoring program. The software has been completed in English, and there is no need for installation or activation. In general, it is a straightforward and easy-to-use program. Asmwsoft PC Optimizer Keygen As a result, the PC can perform certain automated reactions in certain situations. Helps with client discovery and change cycles. This website offers users a cracked version of Directory Monitor.

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Directory Monitor Pro Crack + License Key

Directory Monitor Pro 2022 Crack will continuously notify you of document changes/access, erasure, adjustment, and new records. Users can be completely confident that they are storing private files on their computer without fear of someone using or changing the file. Cracked Bandicut Its primary function is to assist us in monitoring the expansion, adjustment, or erasure of records in the designated organizer. The directory monitor can be introduced as a multi-client, Windows administration design.

There are too many important files on the computer; are you concerned that someone will tamper with the folder? When someone moves your folder, an alarm will immediately sound. Of course, you have the option to hide warnings. The download is available and very convenient. This time, the green cracked version of Directory Monitor is provided. Many of your computer-using friends may be concerned about these issues. Or was the file altered without your knowledge? The client may be recognized in the neighborhood or within the organization share organization.

The Green Directory Monitor Cracked version has the advantage of not requiring installation, opening the directory folder, and double-clicking the “DirectoryMonitor.exe” file to launch the software. Crack for Waterfox The administration log document contains an underlying rename to the log separated by day and month. There is no compelling reason to continue monitoring changes in order to log in to this machine.

Usage & Functions:-

  • All things considered, constant monitoring of the organizer, renaming, moving, replicating, erasing, getting to, and so on are individually recorded;
  • Keep track of nearby organization sharing (including hidden and private sharing);
  • The monitoring data will notify you via an air pocket spring-up.
  • Change document credits and distinguish all records in subdirectories as an alternative.
  • Decide to run the application/content when an event occurs;
  • Indexes that prohibit and channel;
  • To increase capacity, use your own custom modules.
  • Programmable update, import/export;
  • DirectoryMonitor Professional Edition has the following additional features:
  • Work as a Windows administrator behind the scenes;
  • It recognizes and measures client and application changes.
  • Run from the rendition of the support order line.
  • Constant observation Receive notifications of document changes, erasure, renaming, new records, and record access on your record framework or organization share within milliseconds.
  • Capable of catching and preparing over 400 changes per second.
  • Identify changes made by clients precisely (PRO)
  • Determine which clients are frequently changing registries or records.
  • The application also reports on nearby changes.
  • Examining is made possible by a pre-programmed arrangement of machines and indexes.
  • Allow the framework review strategy to continue even if a malicious client tries to disable it.
  • Previews are extremely dependable (PRO)
  • Empower representations to ensure that changes are identified even if the organization falls flat or even blacks out.

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  • It can assist you in keeping track of changes to a file.
  • Support for recording file modification processes.
  • Support will be represented by non-response status records.
  • It is also possible to record the situation in which the file was modified.
  • Using this directory monitoring software.
  • Inform you of the files that have been modified.
  • The computer’s files can all be monitored.
  • It can also be configured to share files from the network hard drive.
  • If you provide a sound prompt, the file modification will include sound.
  • Make powerful calculation functions available.
  • Which is capable of capturing and processing over 400 change events per second.
  • Make a log function available to save the modified process.
  • Keep an eye on nearby indexes or company shares, as well as covered-up/private offers.
  • Select to recognize all documents in subdirectories and changes’ record credits.
  • At whatever point an event is recognized, the inflatable is in the form.
  • Every directory channel design should be incorporated and barred.
  • It can be used as a comfort application (PRO).


  • Registries should be prohibited and channeled;
  • To increase capacity, use your own custom modules.
  • Import/trade, scheduled update;
  • DirectoryMonitor Green Portable Edition has the following additional features:
  • Work as a Windows administrator behind the scenes;

How to Use It?

  • To launch Directory Monitor Pro Crack, double-tap it.
  • Snap Add.
  • Choose a directory.
  • In the spring-up box, position the menu on the correct side of the directory.
  • Choose which records should be monitored.
  • You can then set the monitoring occasion, for example, from that point forward.
  • The manager decides to keep track of the new record, change, delete, and rename it.
  • After you’ve made your selection, click Save.
  • Following the addition of the monitoring record.
  • The organizer will be monitored by the product.
  • After the primary organizer is changed, a warning will be issued.
  • After you’ve opened the software, click the Add button at the top to add the files you want to monitor.
  • In the pop-up box, select the file to be monitored by clicking the menu on the right side of the directory.
  • For instance, the editor chooses Program Files and clicks to open the folder.
  • Following that, you can configure the monitoring event.
  • For example, the editor may choose to monitor the new file, change, delete, or rename it, and then save it.
  • The software will monitor the folder after the monitoring file is added.
  • There will be a notification once the main folder has been modified.
  • Come download it and try it out.

How To Crack?

  • First, click the link below to Download Directory Monitor Pro.
  • If you want to download it quickly, use IDM Crack.
  • Remove the previous version of this software by using IObit Uninstaller.
  • Disable Windows Security and disconnect from the Internet.
  • Run the software and enter the Directory Monitor Pro.
  • Enjoy.

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